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Synthesis Business Unit

Carbon-14 Labelling

During decades of activity in this field, the syntheses of several hundreds of organic compounds labelled with 14C or 3H radioisotopes have been developed for pharmacological or metabolism (ADME) studies of drugs, agrochemicals (pesticides), bioactive compounds, etc. – the main application of radioisotope tracing.

A lot of C-14 labelled substances have also been produced as the intermediate for other laboratories, some of them in large scale as well.

Custom synthesis service of labelled compounds includes either the large-scale or the small-scale radiochemical total synthesis of the material with the required specific activity. A detailed quality certificate stating the purity, the specific activity and the total activity is issued.

Carbon-13 Labelling

Based on our more than 50 years of experience in the synthesis of pesticides and other organic chemicals, we have started our carbon-13 Labelling service. For this stable isotope the lab requirements are not that strict as for radiolabelled compounds, furthermore, delivery options are easier. Since the synthetic protocols for C-13 and C-14 labelled compounds are similar, we provide all of our C-14 catalogue products with C-13 labelling, as well. Labelling with C-13 corresponding to the buyers’ demand results in a stable, non-radioactive molecule with higher molar mass.


Tritium Labelling

The facility provides a tritium labelling to customers whose NRC license, facilities or safety concerns limit the amount of tritium that may be handled in their laboratories. The labelling includes the incorporation of tritium into target precursor, according to the customer’s demand, the removal of catalyst and labile tritium from the crude product and the determination of total activity.

Product Categories

We offer C-13 and C-14 Labelled Agrochemicals (Pesticides – Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides)

This list includes our catalogue products.

Inquiries for other compounds are also welcome.

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Radiochemical repurification service for C-14, H-3 labelled compounds is also available. Contact us for a quotation.

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