Utilizing our know-how in radiosynthesis we offer customized solutions to your requirements


Our complex portfolio of reliable diagnostic tools supports accurate and effective laboratory work


Nuclear medicine is not just a pair of well-sounding and promising words: it is an advanced method of using radioactive isotopes to revolutionize therapy

Radiation Technique

From small to high activities we deliver our flexible radio technique solutions to your needs

Activity – Expertise – Flexibility

Pioneering and progressing on the way of radioactive applications

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Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. is on the frontline of radioisotope technology collaborating with long-term partners and customers.

Over the years we have developed numerous products from diagnostic kits to radioactive sources for various radioactive applications.

Our company provides varied and flexible services in this unique field. Our production complies with the highest quality standards: GMP, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001.

Featured products

We are dealing with the research, development and production of a wide variety of radioactive isotopes and other products for a broad range of application areas, especially healthcare, research and industry.

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I-131 Capsule and Injection, I-131 Sodium Iodide Solution, Kits for pharmaceutical preparation for diagnosis and therapy, Drug substances, Radiochemicals

In vitro diagnostics (RIA / IRMA), Research immunoassay kits, I-125 labelled compounds

C-14 and C-14 labelled agrochemicals, drug substances, H-3 labelled compounds, Repurification, Storage services

Industrial sources (Co-60, Ir-192), Irradiators (multipurpose, research, calibration), Radiation protection systems, Transport and storage containers, Hot cells

Services: waste management, consulting, transporting

Upcoming events

EANM 2024 – 37th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine

You can meet our colleagues at the H1 booth!

EANM 2024 – 37th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine

19-23 October, 2024
Hamburg, Germany
IMRP 2024 – Costa Rica

We hope that you can visit us at our booth!

IMRP 2024 – Costa Rica

04-08 November, 2024
San Jose, Costa Rica

We hope that you can visit us at our booth!


11-14 November, 2024
Düsseldorf, Germany

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