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Immunoassay Business Unit


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In Vitro Products for Human Diagnosis and Life Science

IZOTOP’s Immunoassay business line is dedicated to develop, manufacture and supply high quality and cost effective products for clinical and research laboratory use.

The first diagnostic tests developed by IZOTOP (at that time as a research institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) were for pituitary hormones in the late 1970s. Some three decades on, our product range covers 50 different kinds of immunoassay kits and we have gained pride of place as Hungary’s immunoassay producer.

We produce broad range  of immunoassay kits in RIA and IRMA formats covering assays in endocrinology, oncology and other fields of diagnostics. Our technology uses streptavidin coated surfaces (tubes and microplates) providing a simple, user-friendly separation method. The broad range of our products can be categorized according to the separation methods used, such as magnetic immunosorbent (MIS), coated tube (CT) and non-solid phase assays.

Our in vitro diagnostic products are CE registered.


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