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OverviewThe Ob-Servo D type irradiator is a Category II. facility. The sealed sources are kept in a dry storage position (in fully shielded condition) when the equipment is not in operation. The shielding of the irradiation room is made of normal concrete by the End-User.

OperationThe main part of the irradiator is a SFK-4P type B(U) container which is suitable for transportation and storage of sealed radioactive sources. The irradiated products are placed around the irradiator either on the floor or on turntables. The pneumatic system installed above the irradiator room hoists the sources during operation. The adjustable source- product distance guarantees the homogenous dose uniformity by different product densities.

The equipment is operated and controlled automatically by a PLC system.

ApplicationThe Ob-Servo-D irradiator is a cost-effective solution for irradiation in small and medium volume, to sterilize disposable medical goods and for research activities. With small adaptation design the irradiator can be added to an existing building.

Technical specifications

Source Details

 Sealed Source


 Maximum Activity

 3700 TBq (100 kCi)

 Source Type

CoS-44 HH-N

 Source Dimensions

Ø11 x 220 mm

 Source Cage Type


 Source Cage Capacity

12 pcs

Radiation Details

 Dose Rate at 1 m

1 kGy/h

Product Configurations

 Turntable Size

Ø500 mm

 Rotational Speed

1-3 RPM

 Number of Tables

4 / 6 / 8 / 12

 Maximum Load on Tables

250 kg


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