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OverviewThe SSL type irradiator is a Category II. Secondary Standard Lab unit. The sealed source is stored under dry conditions when the equipment is not in operation. The shielding of the irradiation room is made of concrete by the End-User.

OperationThe source is installed in a special drawer at the centre of the equipment. The biological shielding of the equipment is build form lead. The hoisting of the source drawer is provided by a pneumatic system. A standard collimator provides a horizontal beam. The beam can be attenuated by lead layers.

The unit can be operated in manual or automatic mode. The equipment is operated by a PLC system. The SSL type irradiator can be attached with a linear positioning system containing instruments, cameras or other features depending on costumer’s demands.


Linear Positioning System

The automatic linear positioning system is capable for 3 axis movements: longitudinal, lateral and vertical direction. Detector-source distance can be adjusted up to 10 meter.

Technical specifications





IAEA Category

Category II.

Storage Type

Dry storage

Source Details

Sealed Source


Maximum Activity


14.3 GBq to 74 TBq

(0.4 to 2000 Ci)

Source Cage Type

Special Drawer

Source Cage Capacity

1 to 3 pcs


Fixed source with hoist system, collimator and absorbent unit

Radiation details

Dose Rate at 1 m

(Without Attenuator)

1 mGy/h – 4.5 Gy/h


Compliance with ISO 4037

(Or Special – based on usage)

Attenuation rates (standard)

1:10      (22 mm lead)

1:170    (50 mm lead)

Maximum External Dose Rate

(5 cm from surface)

25 μSv/h ( 2 mR/h)

Irradiator Dimensions

Height x Width x Depth

Depend on Maximum Activity

Floor Loading Area

Total weight

ApplicationThe SSL unit is a calibration irradiator designed mainly for calibration of detectors and other radiation protection instruments.

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