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SERVO Series


SERVO Series for multipurpose irradiation

SERVO irradiators are designed to provide industrial scale sterilization in large volume for different density goods.

Following table contains the main parameters of two equipment types of the Servo series:






Semi – Multipurpose

 IAEA Category

Category IV.

Category IV.

 Storage Type

Wet storage

Wet storage

 Source Details

 Sealed Source


 Maximum Activity

74 PBq (2 MCi)

 Source Type

CoS-43 HH-M

 Source Dimensions

Ø11 x 451 mm

 Source Cage Type

Planar ( 3 pcs )

 Source Racks Capacity

480 pcs ( 40 pcs / module and 4 modules / rack )


Source hoist system with automatic product transport system

Source hoist system with manual product transport system

 Radiation details

 Maximum Throughput

2.8 m3/h at 1 MCi, 25 kGy 1

 Product Configurations

 Totebox volume

215 litre


 Totebox Dimensions (inner)

486 x 486 x 915


 Number of Boxes

72 + 28 pcs


 Maximum Weight (in boxes)

120 kg


 Range of Product Density

0.1 – 0.6 g/cm3


 Pressurized air supply system

 Ventilation System

 Water Treatment System

 Water Heat Exchanger

 Safety and security system

 Control System

 Electric Requirements

50 Hz, 400 V – with ground (Three-Phase Power)

1 with 100% totebox filling and 0.2 g/cm3 density


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