Given our solid experience in radiosynthesis our partners also trust us to develop unique methods and perform complex and challenging custom synthesis tasks.

Utilizing our know-how in Radiosynthesis we offer customised solutions to your requirements:

  • Custom synthesis, radiolabelling
  • Analysis for radiochemical purity, chemical purity (radio HPLC, ) Repurification
  • GMP radiolabeling
  • Radioactive storage
  • Door-to-door delivery – world wide

In case you would like to receive a customised price quotation for custom synthesis please contact our Sales Team with the following relevant parameters included:

  • correct chemical or common name of the compounds (in case of more complicated molecules together with the formula);
  • labelling isotope (C-13, C-14, H-3) and position of labelling;
  • required molar or specific activity;
  • required quantity, activity;
  • required form (net material or a solution – in the latter case the requested solvent and radiochemical concentration; requested packsize);
  • requested lead time

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