Whether you need radiolabeled compounds for use in metabolism studies, for environmental fate studies, or to support your R&D or research program, our company offers customized solutions to your requirements.

You might find the requested compound among our catalogue products, or contact us for a custom synthesis project.

There are a number of important factors to consider when ordering labelled compounds.

In case you would like to receive a customised price quotation please contact our Sales Team with the following relevant parameters included:

  • correct chemical or common name of the compounds (in case of more complicated molecules together with the formula);
  • labelling isotope (C-13, C-14, H-3) and position of labelling;
  • required molar or specific activity;
  • required quantity, activity;
  • required form (net material or a solution – in the latter case the requested solvent and radiochemical concentration; requested packsize);
  • requested lead time

We offer C-13 and C-14 Labelled Agrochemicals (Pesticides – Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides) as catalogue products see the list below. Inquiries for other compounds or different labelling position are also welcome.

Acephate, [S-methyl-14C] CC-368
Acetamiprid, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-701
Alachlor, [methoxy-14C] CC-309
Aldicarb, [i-butyl-14C] CC-326
Ametryn, [ring-U-14C] CC-270
Amicarbazone, [1,2,4-triazole 3-14C] CC-477
Asulam, [ring-U-14C] CC-315
Atrazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-298
Azocyclotin, [cyclohexyl-1-14C] CC-402
Azoxystrobin, [2-cyanophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-570
Benfuracarb, [isopropyl-2-14C] CC-370
Benfuracarb, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-371
Bentazone, [carbonyl-14C] CC-328
Bentazone, [ring-U-14C] CC-589
Bensulfuron-methyl, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-722
Bensulfuron-methyl, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-720
Benzyladenine, [8-14C] CC-451
Benzyladenine, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-450
Bifenthrin, [benzyl ring-U-14C] CC-350
Bifenthrin, [cyclopropane-1-14C] CC-351
Bromoxynil octanoate, [cyano-14C] CC-625
Bromoxynil octanoate, [ring-U-14C] CC-333
Bupirimate, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-626
Cadusafos, [sec-butyl-1-14C] CC-373
Captan, [carboximide-14C] CC-653
Carbaryl, [ring-1-14C] CC-255
Carbendazim, [imidazol-2-14C] CC-305
Carbofuran, [(2,2-dimethyl,3)-14C] CC-239
Carbofuran, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-339
Chlorfenvinphos, [ethyl-1-14C] CC-242
Chloridazon, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-654
Chlorotoluron, [ring-U-14C] CC-558
Chlorpropham, [ring-U-14C] CC-482
Chlorpyrifos, [ethyl-1-14C] CC-243
Chlorpyrifos, [pyridine 2,6-14C] CC-498
Clodinafop-propargyl, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-421
Clodinafop-propargyl, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-424
Clofentezine, [tetrazine-3-14C] CC-690
Clomazone, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-618
Coumaphos, [coumarin-4-14C] CC-253
Cumyluron, [chlorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-746
Cumyluron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-745
Cyhexatin, [cyclohexyl-1-14C] CC-308
Beta-cypermethrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-329
Beta-cypermethrin, [cyano-14C] CC-447
Beta-cypermethrin, [cyclopropane-1-14C] CC-446
Beta-cypermethrin, [benzyl ring-U-14C] CC-445
Beta-cypermethrin, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-369
Cypermethrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-261
Cypermethrin, [carboxyl-14C] CC-266
Cypermethrin, [cyano-14C] CC-265
Cypermethrin, [cyclopropane-1-14C] CC-267
Cypermethrin, [phenyl ring-14C] CC-413
Cymoxanil, [acetyl-2-14C] CC-444
Cymoxanil, [cyano-14C] CC-696
Cyprodinil, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-616
2,4-D, [carboxyl-14C] CC-294
2,4-D, [ring-U-14C] CC-292
2,4-DB, [ring-U-14C] CC-367
2,4-D dimethylammonium salt, [ring-U-14C] CC-715
Cyromazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-714
DDE, [ring-U-14C] CC-257
DDT, [ring-U-14C] CC-256
Deltamethrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-259
Deltamethrin, [benzyl-ring-U-14C] CC-560
Deltamethrin, [cyano-14C] CC-262
Desmedipham, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-619
Diazinon, [pyrimidinyl-6-14C] CC-318
Dicamba, [carboxyl-14C] CC-355
Dicamba, [ring-U-14C] CC-492
Dichlobenil, [cyano-14C] CC-376
Dichlobenil, [ring-U-14C] CC-377
Dichlorprop, [ring-U-14C] CC-354
Dichlorvos, [methyl-14C] CC-341
Diclofop acid, [2,4-dichlorophenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-541
Diclofop-methyl, [1,4-dioxyphenyl ring-U-14C] CC-621
Diclofop-methyl, [2,4-dichlorophenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-540
Dicofol, [ring-U-14C] CC-314
Difenoconazole, [triazole-U-14C] CC-456
Diflovidazin, [tetrazine-3-14C] CC-581
Diflovidazin, [tetrazine-6-14C] CC-582
Dimethoate, [O-methyl-14C] CC-306
Dimethoate, [carbonyl-14C] CC-336
Dimethomorph, [4-chlorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-610
Dioxathion, [ethyl-1-14C] CC-244
Diquat dibromide monohydrate, [14C] CC-681
Dithianon, [5-14C] CC-735
Diuron, [carbonyl-14C] CC-297
Diuron, [ring-U-14C] CC-325
Endosulfan, [2,3-14C] CC-258
Epoxiconazole, [epoxy-2-14C] CC-487
EPTC, [carbonyl-14C] CC-295
EPTC, [propyl-1-14C] CC-453
Esprocarb, [ring-U-14C] CC-551
Ethephon, [U-14C] CC-316
Ethirimol, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-680
Ethofumesate, [benzene ring-U-14C] CC-613
Etofenprox, [3-phenoxybenzyl-7-14C] CC-496
Etofenprox, [propyl-2-14C] CC-674
Fenamiphos, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-647
Fenarimol, [carbinol-14C] CC-407
Fenarimol, [4-chlorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-408
Fenobucarb, [ring-U-14C] CC-238
Fenpropidin, [propyl-3-14C] CC-652
Ferbam, [carbamate-14C] CC-467
Florasulam, [2-14C] CC-635
Florasulam, [2′,6′-difluorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-634
Fluazinam, [pyridil-2,6-14C] CC-648
Fluazinam, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-688
Flufenacet, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-556
Fluometuron, [ring-U-14C] CC-719
Flurochloridon, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-615
Fluroxypyr-meptyl, [acetyl-1-14C] CC-645
Flusulfamide, [2’-chloro-4’-nitrophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-378
Flusulfamide, [4-chloro-3-trifluoromethylphenyl ring-U-14C] CC-379
Folpet, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-428
Forchlorfenuron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-380
Forchlorfenuron, [pyridine 2,6-14C] CC-397
Glyphosate, [glycine-2-14C] CC-311
Glyphosate, [P-methylene-14C] CC-293
Hexachlorobenzene, [U-14C] CC-357
Hexazinone, [triazine-6-14C] CC-307
Hexythiazox, [cyclohexyl-U-14C] CC-452
Hexythiazox, [1,3-thiazolidine-14C] CC-691
Hexythiazox, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-729
IM-1-5, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-708
Imazalil, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-702
Imidacloprid, [imidazolidine ring-2-14C] CC-327
Imidacloprid, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-640
Iminoctadine triacetate, [guanidine-14C] CC-404
Iminoctadine triacetate, [octyl-1,8-14C] CC-405
Iodocarb, [butyl-1-14C] CC-643
Iodocarb, [carbamate-14C] CC-489
Iodocarb, [carbamate-14C, butyl-1-14C] CC-734
Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-717
Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium, [triazine-U-14C] CC-716
Iprodione, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-697
Isoproturon, [ring-U-14C] CC-337
Isoxathion, [isoxazole-5-14C] CC-614
Lactofen, [2-nitrophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-395
Lambda-Cyhalothrin, [phenoxy-U-14C] CC-707
Lambda-Cyhalothrin, [cyano-14C] CC-703
Lenacil, [pyrimidine-4,6-14C] CC-381
Lindane, [ring-U-14C] CC-330
Linuron, [carbonyl-14C] CC-296
Linuron, [ring-U-14C] CC-310
Malathion, [succinyl-2,3-14C] CC-246
Mancozeb, [ethylene-1,2-14C] CC-304
Maneb, [ethylene-1,2-14C] CC-276
MCPA, [carboxyl-14C] CC-414
MCPA, [ring-U-14C] CC-382
MCPA-2-ethylhexyl ester, [ring-U-14C] CC-724
Mecoprop, [ring-U-14C] CC-401
Mefenacet, [aniline ring-U-14C] CC-383
Mesosulfuron-methyl, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-728
Mesotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-2-14C] CC-638
Mesotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-1(3)-14C] CC-675
Mesotrione, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-700
rac-Metalaxyl acid, [ring-U-14C] CC-534
Metalaxyl, [ring-U-14C] CC-400
Metalaxyl-M, [ring-U-14C] CC-672
rac-Metamifop, [2-fluor-phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-545
rac-Metamifop, [6-chloro-2-benzoxazolyl benzene ring-U-14C] CC-546
Metamitron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-409
Metazachlor, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-571
Metconazole, [1,2,4-triazole-U-14C] CC-721
Methabenzthiazuron, [benzene ring-U-14C] CC-466
Methamidophos, [S-methyl-14C] CC-254
Metholachlor, [ring-U-14C] CC-726
Metholachlor ESA, [ring-U-14C] CC-622
Methomyl, [carbonyl-14C] CC-287
Methoprene, [5-14C] CC-420
Metribuzin, [ring-6-14C] CC-320
Metsulfuron-methyl,[triazinyl-2-14C] CC-360
Monocrotophos, [O-methyl-14C] CC-250
MSMA, [14C] CC-271
rac-Napropamide, [1-naphthyloxy-1-14C] CC-685
Nicosulfuron, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-692
Oxamyl, [carbamoyl-14C] CC-331
Oxasulfuron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-650
Oxasulfuron, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-651
Paraoxon, [ethyl-1-14C , ring-U-14C] CC-385
Parathion, [ring-U-14C] CC-247
Parathion, [ethyl-1-14C, ring-U-14C] CC-396
Parathion-methyl, [ring-U-14C] CC-353
Pentachlorophenol, [U-14C] CC-274
Permethrin, [phenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-386
Phenmedipham, [3-methyl-phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-620
Phenthoate, [ring-U-14C] CC-576
Phosmet, [phthalimide-1,3-14C] CC-730
Pirimiphos-methyl, [pyrimidinyl-2-14C] CC-248
Pyrimethanil, [pyrimidinyl-2-14C] CC-689
Prochloraz, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-269
Prochloraz zinc complex, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-639
Propanil, [ring-U-14C] CC-575
Propiconazole, [dioxolane-4-14C] CC-323
Propiconazole, [benzene-U-14C] CC-268
Propiconazole, [triazol ring-U-14C] CC-387
Propisochlor, [2-chloroacetyl 1-14C] CC-417
Propisochlor, [ring-U-14C] CC-416
Propyzamide, [carboxyl-14C] CC-486
Prosulfocarb, [ring-U-14C] CC-356
Prosulfocarb sulfoxide, [ring-U-14C] CC-443
Prothioconazole, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-709
Prothioconazole-desthio, [1,2,4-triazole-U-14C] CC-711
Pyributicarb, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-362
Pyributicarb, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-363
Pyridaphenthion, [pyridazinyl-4,5-14C] CC-389
Quinmerac, [benzene ring-U-14C] CC-655
SDDC, [carbamate-14C] CC-442
SDEDC, [carbamate-14C] CC-536
Simazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-249
Sulcotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-2-14C] CC-557
Sulcotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-1(3)-14C] CC-623
Tau-fluvalinate, [phenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-649
Tebuconazole, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-390
Tebuconazole, [triazole ring-U-14C] CC-459
Tebuthiuron, [ring-5-14C] CC-272
Tefluthrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-713
Terbufos, [O-ethyl-1-14C] CC-321
Terbuthylazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-437
Terbutryn, [ring-U-14C] CC-448
Tetradifon, [4-chlorophenyl-U-14C] CC-661
Thiophanate-methyl, [ring-U-14C] CC-572
Thiram, [carbamate-14C] CC-441
Tri-allate, [allyl-1-14C] CC-364
Tribenuron-methyl, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-484
Tribenuron-methyl, [triazine ring-U-14C] CC-485
Vinclozolin, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-394
Zineb, [ethylene-1,2-14C] CC-277
Ziram, [carbamate-14C] CC-324
Ziram, [methyl-14C] CC-352