Radiation Technique products

Gamma Radiography Sources (Iridium-192 sealed source)

(Half life: 73.83 days) Iridium-192 metal discs are encapsulated in stainless steel (KO-36) and sealed by argon arc welding. Recommended Working Life: 10 years Quality Control: Leakage test: ISO classification: 9978 Surface contamination test: ISO classification: 9978 Safety Performance Testing ISO classification: 2919 Special form certificate: H/009/S-96 Active Diameter Active Length Maximum Equivalent Activity Absorbed […]

Technical Information for Radiation Sources

Definitions Sealed Source: Radioactive material sealed in a capsule that is strong enough to prevent dispersion of the radioactive material under the conditions of use for which it was designed. Also an assemblage of sealed sources in array utilized in an irradiator. (IAEA Safety Series No. 107, 1992) Activity: Activity of sources is expressed as […]

Co-60 radioactive source

Cobalt-60 (Half life: 5.27 years) The active part is either cobalt-nickel alloy or metallic cobalt encapsulated in stainless steel (KO-36) and sealed by argon arc welding. Standard Capsule design Sources for Gauges Recommended working life: 10 years Activity tolerance: ± 10% from nominal   Type code Overall dimensions D [mm] L [mm] Maximum active dimensions […]

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