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We offer the following compounds as catalogue products labelled with C-14. Inquiries for C-13 labelling are also welcome. Please click here to download the list in pdf Our Synthesis Business Unit is specialised in C-14, H-3 radiolabelling and C-13 stable isotopic labelling. In case you have an inquiry for custom synthesis please contact us. You […]

Acephate, [S-methyl-14C]

Common Name Structure Unlabelled IUPAC Name Catalogue Code *Position of Labelling Formula Reg. No. Acephate, [S-methyl-14C] (RS)-N-[methoxy(methylthio)-phosphinoyl]acetamide CC-368 C4H10NO3PS 30560-19-1

CC-333 - Bromoxynil octanoate, [ring-U-14C]

Bromoxynil octanoate, [ring-U-14C]


Bromoxynil octanoate, [ring-U-14C]
3,5-dibromo-4-cyanophenyl octanoate

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