We offer the following compounds as catalogue products labelled with C-14.
Inquiries for C-13 labelling are also welcome.





specific activity: 370 – 1850 MBq /mmol


CAS number

CC-502 N-Acetyl-2-chloro-[U-14C]aniline 533-17-5
CC-501 N-Acetyl-2-nitro-[U-14C]aniline 552-32-9
CC-509 [U-14C]Benzenesulfonyl chloride 98-09-9
CC-563 1,3-Bis(4-nitro-[U-14C]phenyl)urea; DNC, [ring-U-14C] 587-90-6
CC-566 4-Bromo-N,N-dimethyl-[U-14C]aniline 586-77-6
CC-528 i-[1-14C]Butyric acid hydrazide 3619-17-8
CC-543 4-Chloro-[ring-U-14C]benzoic acid 74-11-3
CC-439 Copper(I) [14C]cyanide 544-92-3
CC-591 [2-14C]Cyclohexane-1,3-dione 504-02-9
CC-590 3,4-Dichloro-[U-14C]aniline 95-76-1
CC-507 2,4′-Dichloro-[carbonyl-14C]benzophenone 85-29-0
CC-511 2,4′-Dichloro-[4′-chlorophenyl-U-14C]benzophenone 85-29-0
CC-592 [1,2-14C]Dichloroethane 107-06-2
CC-521 2,5-Dichloro-[U-14C]phenol 583-78-8
CC-506 3,4-Dimethyl-[U-14C]aniline 95-64-7
CC-520 4-Fluoro-[ring-U-14C]acetanilide 351-83-7
CC-564 2-Hydroxy-4,6-dimethyl-[2-14C]pyrimidine; HDP, [2-14C] 108-79-2
CC-595 4-Iodo-nitro[U-14C]benzene 636-98-6
CC-508 [2-14C]Isopropyl-triphenyl-phosphonium iodide 24470-78-8
CC-515 Medetomidine, [imidazole-2-14C] 86347-14-0
CC-517 Medetomidine, [phenyl U-14C] 86347-14-0
CC-561 4-Methyl-[ring-U-14C]acetophenone 122-00-9
CC-513 Methyl 2-pyrimidine[14C]carboxylate 34253-03-7
CC-519 [carboxyl-14C]Nicotinic acid 59-67-6
CC-594 2-Nitro-[U14C]aniline 88-74-4
CC-518 4-Nitro-[U-14C]aniline 100-01-6
CC-505 4-Nitro-[formyl-14C]benzaldehyde 555-16-8
CC-18 4-Nitro-[U-14C]phenol 100-02-7
CC-237 Phenyl-[1-14C]acetic acid 103-82-2
CC-471 2-Phenyl-[1-14C]propionic acid 492-37-5
CC-461 2-[ring-U-14C]Phenylpropionic acid 492-37-5
CC-510 Potassium [14C]thiocyanate 333-20-0
CC-523 Sulfadiazine, [phenyl ring-U-14C] 68-35-9
CC-476 Sulfamethoxazole, [phenyl ring-U-14C] 723-46-6
CC-195 [1,4-14C]Succinic acid 110-15-6
CC-468 Tilmicosin, [3,5-dimethylpiperidin-1-yl-3,5-14C] 108050-54-0
CC-522 4-[ring-U-14C]Toluic acid 99-94-5
CC-495 1,2,4-Trichloro-[U-14C]benzene 120-82-1
CC-553 Triethyl phosphono[1-14C]acetate 867-13-0
CC-499 2-Trifluoromethyl-[ring-U-14C]benzoic acid 433-97-6
CC-361 Troglitazone, [thiazolidin-2,4-dione 2-14C] 97322-87-7
CC-426 Zinc [14C]cyanide 557-21-1


Our company has been engaged in preparing isotope labelled agrochemicals (pesticides) and other compounds for over thirty years.

This list comprises the most frequently sold 14C-labelled compounds with the exception of the pesticides.

These products are available also in bulk quantities.

Custom synthesis

We are ready to undertake synthesis of other compounds not listed in our catalogues. We are prepared to provide with quotation following your request. When inquiring please indicate the following required specifications, too:

  • correct chemical or common name of the compounds (in case of more complicated molecules together with the formula);
  • labelling isotope and position of labelling;
  • required molar or specific activity;
  • required activity;
  • required form (net material or a solution – in the latter case the requested solvent and radiochemical concentration; requested packsize);
  • whether you are able to supply synthesis route and/or protocols, references of technical literature, raw material or standard (final product and/or intermediates) analytical method (in general HPLC). All information provided by the cusotmers are handled as confidental. NDA is concluded upon customer’s request. Providing these results in significant reduce in price.

As a result of many years practice in this field experts of the Institute are at your disposal in answering technical questions (Synthesis Business) and issuing quotations (Commercial Department).