Irradiation Services

Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. operates an OB-SERVO W type irradiator. The Category IV. facility is a controlled access irradiator in which the sealed sources are stored in a water filled storage pool when the equipment is not operating. The sources are placed in a cylindrical cage raised and lowered by a pneumatic hoist system. Adjustable source to product distance guarantees the good dose uniformity for different densities and different size of Thermal Boxes provides the necessary temperature for testing (25°C to 80°C).

The equipment can be also used for high dose research irradiation and sterilization.

Source Details
Sealed SourceCo-60
Maximum Activity3700 TBq (100 kCi)
Source Cage TypeCylindrical
Actual Radiation Details
Dose Rate For Big Volume Items0.02 to 2 kGy/h
Dose Rate For Small Volumes (Ø210×500 mm)3 to 14 kGy/h
(Depends on Dose Rate and Time)
0.001 to 100 000 kGy
Volume and Weight Details
Maximum volume of a single package (W x L x H)0,7 x 0,9 x 1,8 m
Maximum weight1000 kg

1. Irradiation for research purposes

We offer irradiation (aging) test services for experimenting and testing at various dose rates based on customer preferences. We also collaborate with companies from the food and medical industry providing the irradiation for the test items like: spices, medical devices.

2. Sterilization

We provide sterilization services for in vitro medical devices, laboratory equipments.

3. Radiation hardness assurance tests

We undertake irradiation of various items, components such as:

  • different materials and coatings,
  • plastic test samples,
  • lubricants,
  • electric components: cables, circuits, switches, sensors, valves, motors, actuators

materials that could be exposed to extreme circumstances and radiation (i.e. in Nuclear Plants, Radiation Technique, Space industry, etc.). We have thermoboxes with different dimensions and can provide testing up to 80oC (higher temperature possible upon request).

4. Experimental irradiation

We collaborate with various research organisation, teams and other companies providing them the required dose rates and environment for various experiments: waste water managements,  degredation etc. We also offer our services to carry out experiments, gathering the analytical data, continuous diagnostics etc.

5. Testing radiation detecting systems

Detectors, measuring systems, probe irradiations etc.

In case you have any technical questions and would be interested in our price quotation please contact our Experts.


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