I-131 Capsule Dispensing System

All-in-one solution for preparation of diagnostic and therapeutic doses of I-131 capsules

i-131 capsule
  • IodoCap automated robotic station is manufactured by Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd.  under License of Innovative Treatment Systems Ltd. for the purpose of dispensing the I-131 iodine stock solution into up to 6 hard gelatin capsules (prefilled capsules) in approximately 6-8 min. or 10 capsules in approximately 8-10 min.
  • Automated I-131 robotic station is designed to dispense I-131 stock solution into hard gelatin capsules (prefilled capsules) suitable for administration to a patient for radiotherapy.
  • The dispenser is qualified with the prefilled capsules and I-131 stock solution produced by Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd.
  • The finished products (filled capsule with I-131 solution) made by IodoCap should be used in site for the needs of the clinic, where the IodoCap is installed.

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