26th Workshop of the IIS-European Division

Meet our colleagues at the workshop!

26th Workshop of the IIS-European Division

11-12 May, 2023
Frankfurt, Germany

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26th Workshop of the IIS-European Division

After many years of online meetings, colleagues from Institute of Isotopes Co.Ltd will gladly attend to the to live event of the 26th IIS-ED Workshop on May 11th and 12th organised by the International Isotope Society –  European Division.

The focus of the workshop is the synthesis and application of isotopes and isotopically labelled compounds in all research disciplines. Amongst the topics to be covered are: New methods in synthetic organic chemistry relevant to isotopic labelling, applications of radioactive and stable isotopically labelled compounds in research and biosciences, PET chemistry, new trends in analytics and measuring techniques, radioactive storage management and waste disposal.

We are looking forward to the face-to-face meeting again!

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