Synthesis Business Unit

“Labelled with care”

Our Synthesis Business Unit offers C-14, C-13 or H-3 labelling services for organic compounds used in pharmacological, metabolism (ADME) or e-fate studies.

We provide a wide selection of labelled pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other bioactive compounds that play significant role in the registration of agrochemicals.

Our GMP Laboratory also enables us to provide key labelled compounds for clinical research serving the Pharma Industry.

Given our solid experience in radiosynthesis our partners also trust us to develop unique methods and perform complex and challenging custom synthesis tasks.


We offer C-13 and C-14 Labelled Agrochemicals (Pesticides – Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides) as catalogue products see the list below.


  • Custom synthesis, radiolabelling
  • Analysis for radiochemical purity, chemical purity (radio HPLC)
  • Repurification
  • GMP radiolabeling
  • Radioactive storage
  • Door-to-door delivery – world wide

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