Radiation Technique Business Unit

Our engineering background and experience in radiation technique is a strong base for manufacturing radioactive industrial sources, irradiators and radiation protection systems. Our experts support the medical-, food- and agricultural industry with customized applications.

Our work is acknowledged by various partners within and beyond borders. The cooperation with IAEA and different international associations, companies serves as reference for future projects in designing, installing, dismantling, decommissioning irradiators.

Sealed sources

Sealed Sources

Sealed sources: We provide industrial sealed radioactive sources, re-encapsulation service for the following sources: Co-60, Ir-192



Our engineering background and experience in radiation technique is a strong base for not only designing OB-SERVO irradiators but offering various services.

Radiation protection systems

Radiation Protection Systems

A and B(U) type transport containers –
hot cells, storage boxes – radiation protection walls, doors – devices and systems for radiation protection.

Irradiation services

Gamma irradiation services

Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. operates an OB-SERVO W type panoramic Co-60 irradiator. Gamma irradiation services.

Radioactive waste management


Radioactive Waste Management – Development of method and technology –
Preparation of feasibility studies, work plans – Environmental impact studies

I-131 Capsule Dispensing System

I-131 Capsule Dispensing System: All-in-one solution for preparation of diagnostic and therapeutic doses of I-131 capsules.

Distributed Products

InstroTek’s MC3 Elite™ is an advanced, yet easy to operate moisture density gauge.

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