Our Synthesis Business Unit offers C-14, C-13 or H-3 labelling services for organic compounds used in pharmacological, metabolism (ADME) or e-fate studies.


Our Immunoassay Business Unit provides in vitro diagnostics, laboratory kits that are essential tools in diagnostic and research activities. Our Radioimmunoassay and ELISA kits are reliable and provide accurate results in endocrinology, oncology, autoimmunity etc. Besides being key participant...

About us

Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. is on the frontline of radioisotope technology collaborating with long-term partners and customers. Over the years we have developed numerous products from diagnostic kits to radioactive sources for various radioactive applications. Our company provides varied...


Our Radiopharmaceutical Busines Unit has been exclusively focused on supplying radiopharmaceutical products to nuclear medicine professionals serving the recovery of patients worldwide and supporting early diagnosis.