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2019 Holiday closures in Hungary

As of 2018 the production of low-activity Co-60 sources is suspended for an indefinite period.

Production of those below 100 kBq is not discontinued, as we can accept orders for the re-encapsulation of sources with expired service lives as well.

Development of our coated tube – Testosterone kit is finished. Available from February 2018.

The new version will completely replace the old one.


former version

new version


Testosterone [I-125] RIA KIT

Testosterone [I-125] RIA KIT




tracers: 1 ml – concentrated solution 44 ml – ready to use
tracer activity: <150 KBq <260 KBq
standards: 0,5 ml – lyophilized 0,5 ml – ready to use
standard points (nmol/L): [0]-[0.43]-[1.73]-[4.3]-[17.3]-[35] [0]-[0.6]-[2]-[6]-[20]-[60]
control sera 0,5 ml – lyophilized 0,5 ml – ready to use
no. of control sera: [C] [CI][CII]
antiserum: 1 vial – lyophilized n/a
MIS: 1 vial 55 ml n/a
coated tubes: n/a 2×50 pcs of coated tubes


Letter of thank you concerning the efficacy of our product, MIBG in the therapy of children who were diagnosed with neuroblastoma:


The Indonasian National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) in cooperation with Izotop developed a gamma ray irradiation facility called: Multipurpose Gamma Irradiator.  Panoramic Gamma Irradiation Facility installed successfully now in June 2017. Partners signed the takeover protokol and the Indonesian Minister of Development attended at the ceremony.

gamma_irradiator_indonesian   gamma_irradiator_indonesian4   gamma_irradiator_indonesian3   gamma_irradiator_indonesian6

PSA (RK-10CT) and free PSA IRMA (RK-85CT) redeveloped kits available from 2017 January 

hCG RIA (RK-770CT) kit will be available only “on request” from 2017 January / Minimum order: 5 kits

Certificate /AAA – Highest creditworhiness

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