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Radiation Technique Business Unit


Radiation Techniques – Profession:


1. Manufacturing of radioactive sources, related services

    • Manufacturing of small and high activity Ir-192, Cs-137 and Co-60 sealed sources
    • Re-encapsulating of Ir-192, Cs-137, Co-60, Ra/Be, Pu/Be, Am/Be.… sources

Important: As of 2018 the production of low-activity Co-60 sources is suspended for an indefinite period.

Production of those below 100 kBq is not discontinued, as we can accept orders for the re-encapsulation of sources with expired service lives as well.

2. Manufacturing and servicing of the irradiators for the following purposes:

Irradiator families product catalogue

    • Manufacturing and servicing of NDT devices
    • Equipment for medical field
    • Manufacturing of PLC based control systems

3. Manufacturing of Radiation Protection System

    • A and B(U) type transport containers for safe and secure transportation of radioactive material
    • Hot cells, storage boxes and whole body counters
    • Radiation protection walls, doors
    • Devices and systems for radiation protection

4. Radioactive Waste Management

    • Development of method and technology
    • Preparation of feasibility studies, work plans
    • Environmental impact studies
    • Collection of radioactive waste, preparation for final deposition
    • Collection of disused radioactive sources

5. Irradiation test

    • Irradiation of samples (generally in the range of 0-5 MGy)
    • Morphology studies
    • Quality analyses
    • Examination of physical parameters

6. Transportation of radioactive materials

    • Transportation of small and high activity radioactive materials in specially designed containers of our company


7. IodoCap-R

    • I-131 Capsule Dispensing System

izotop kapszulator gep

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