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OverviewThe Sanguis type irradiator is self-contained, dry source storage Category I. equipment. The irradiator in which the sealed sources are completely enclosed in a dry container constructed from solid materials and shielded at all times.

Operation The sources are placed in a special drawer. The rotator unit positions the sample holder canister into the centre of the irradiator. An attenuator unit rotates the drawer with the sources to the adjusted attenuation rate. During irradiation the temperature can be regulated with a cooling system and the sample holder canister can be rotated to enhance the homogeneity of the irradiation field. The operation of the irradiation is accomplished by a PLC system.

Technical specifications       

 Source Details

 Sealed Source


 Maximum Activity

 444 TBq (12 kCi)

 Source Type

CoS-44 HH-N

 Source Dimensions

Ø11 x 220 mm

 Source Cage Type


 Source Cage Capacity

8 pcs

 Radiation Details

 Maximum Central Dose Rate

2.5 kGy/h

 Dose Uniformity (Max)

± 20%

 Attenuation Rate

From 1:1 to 1:100

(Continuously Variable)

 Maximum External Dose Rate

 (5 cm from surface)

25 μSv/h

 (2 mR/h)

 Product Configurations

 Canister Volume

13 litre

 Canister Dimensions (Inside)

Ø250 x 270 mm

 Irradiator Dimensions

 Height x Width x Depth

1.8 x 1.2 x 1.6 m

 Floor Loading Area

1.1 m2

 Total weight

7500 kg


                        Ob-Servo Sanguis_2


ApplicationThe irradiator is a research equipment to be utilized mainly for irradiation of medical products or other research goods with maximum 13 litre volume.

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