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OverviewThe Portal type unit is testing equipment. The low activity sealed source is kept in a dry storage position when the equipment is not in operation.

Technical specifications

Source Details

Sealed Sources

Cs-137, Am-241, …

Source Cage Type

Special Capsule

Source Cage Capacity

1 pc

Operating Range (Standard)

Vertical Stroke

2 m

Vertical Speed

50 mm/s

Horizontal Stroke

10 m

Horizontal Speed

2,2 m/s

Unit Dimensions

Height x Width x Length

2.3 x 0.6 x 11 m

Floor Loading Area

6.6 m2

Total weight

280 kg



OperationThe source is placed in a special capsule connected to the positioning system vertical element. The linear unit lifts the capsule from the shielded position to the programmed height. The trolley moves the source lengthwise by an adjusted speed. The actual position of the moving source is detected in every 6 ms with 1 mm tolerance. A camera takes picture from the tested instrument in every 33 millisecond. The unit is operated and controlledautomatically by a PLC system.

ApplicationThe equipment is capable for testing radiation detection gates and different researches with moving sources.

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