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OverviewServo type irradiators are Category IV. facilities. The sealed sources are kept under wet condition when the equipment is not in operation. The main feature of the Category IV. irradiator facilities is the controlled human access. The biological shielding of the facility is designed from normal concrete for up to 2 million Curie loaded activity.

Operation – The sources are placed in planar built-up rack modules (40 pcs capacity/module). The rack modules can be hoisted independently by a pneumatic system. The independent movement of the rack modules gives the opportunity for various dose rate irradiations applications for the End-User.

The automatic product transport system contains three segments:

-          Storage area transport system: loading/ unloading of the tote boxes with non-irradiated/ irradiated products

-          Irradiator room transport system: cyclic movement of the products around the sources during irradiation

-          Railway: connection between the irradiator room and storage room systems.

The system is operated and controlled automatically by a PLC/PC system.


Main advantages of recent development – Significant changes of Multipurpose Gamma Irradiator improve its reliability making the unit practically maintenance free, or reduces the time for maintenance works:

  • Pneumatic cylinders are installed in the bunker providing better shielding of the units (raised maintenance period of the gaskets, sensors etc.)
  • Minimized number of bearings in the irradiation room (wheels of the tote boxes are fixed to the tote boxes themselves)
  • Level control of the source storage pool is installed outside the irradiation area.
  • Layout of the plant warrants the controlled human access of the personnel into the irradiation area
  • Shorter and simplified track of the goods between storage area and irradiation room (faster product loading / unloading process)


ApplicationServo irradiator is designed to provide industrial scale sterilization in large volumes. The equipment is capable for wide range irradiations of different goods in adequate packages with automated mode of operation.

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