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C-14 Labelled Agrochemicals (Pesticides – Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides)

All compounds in the list are available with stable C-13 labelling, as well.

Acephate, [S-methyl-14C] CC-368
Acetamiprid, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-701
Alachlor, [methoxy-14C] CC-309
Aldicarb, [i-butyl-14C] CC-326
Ametryn, [ring-U-14C] CC-270
Amicarbazone, [1,2,4-triazole 3-14C] CC-477
Asulam, [ring-U-14C] CC-315
Atrazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-298
Azocyclotin, [cyclohexyl-1-14C] CC-402
Azoxystrobin, [2-cyanophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-570
Benfuracarb, [isopropyl-2-14C] CC-370
Benfuracarb, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-371
Bentazone, [carbonyl-14C] CC-328
Bentazone, [ring-U-14C] CC-589
Bensulfuron-methyl, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-722
Bensulfuron-methyl, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-720
Benzyladenine, [8-14C] CC-451
Benzyladenine, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-450
Bifenthrin, [benzyl ring-U-14C] CC-350
Bifenthrin, [cyclopropane-1-14C] CC-351
Bromoxynil octanoate, [cyano-14C] CC-625
Bromoxynil octanoate, [ring-U-14C] CC-333
Bupirimate, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-626
Cadusafos, [sec-butyl-1-14C] CC-373
Captan, [carboximide-14C] CC-653
Carbaryl, [ring-1-14C] CC-255
Carbendazim, [imidazol-2-14C] CC-305
Carbofuran, [(2,2-dimethyl,3)-14C] CC-239
Carbofuran, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-339
Chlorfenvinphos, [ethyl-1-14C] CC-242
Chloridazon, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-654
Chlorotoluron, [ring-U-14C] CC-558
Chlorpropham, [ring-U-14C] CC-482
Chlorpyrifos, [ethyl-1-14C] CC-243
Chlorpyrifos, [pyridine 2,6-14C] CC-498
Clodinafop-propargyl, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-421
Clodinafop-propargyl, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-424
Clofentezine, [tetrazine-3-14C] CC-690
Clomazone, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-618
Coumaphos, [coumarin-4-14C] CC-253
Cumyluron, [chlorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-746
Cumyluron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-745
Cyhexatin, [cyclohexyl-1-14C] CC-308
Beta-cypermethrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-329
Beta-cypermethrin, [cyano-14C] CC-447
Beta-cypermethrin, [cyclopropane-1-14C] CC-446
Beta-cypermethrin, [benzyl ring-U-14C] CC-445
Beta-cypermethrin, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-369
Cypermethrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-261
Cypermethrin, [carboxyl-14C] CC-266
Cypermethrin, [cyano-14C] CC-265
Cypermethrin, [cyclopropane-1-14C] CC-267
Cypermethrin, [phenyl ring-14C] CC-413
Cymoxanil, [acetyl-2-14C] CC-444
Cymoxanil, [cyano-14C]  CC-696
Cyprodinil, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-616
2,4-D, [carboxyl-14C] CC-294
2,4-D, [ring-U-14C] CC-292
2,4-DB, [ring-U-14C] CC-367
2,4-D dimethylammonium salt, [ring-U-14C] CC-715
Cyromazine, [ring-U-14C]  CC-714
DDE, [ring-U-14C] CC-257
DDT, [ring-U-14C] CC-256
Deltamethrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-259
Deltamethrin, [benzyl-ring-U-14C] CC-560
Deltamethrin, [cyano-14C] CC-262
Desmedipham, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-619
Diazinon, [pyrimidinyl-6-14C] CC-318
Dicamba, [carboxyl-14C] CC-355
Dicamba, [ring-U-14C] CC-492
Dichlobenil, [cyano-14C] CC-376
Dichlobenil, [ring-U-14C] CC-377
Dichlorprop, [ring-U-14C] CC-354
Dichlorvos, [methyl-14C] CC-341
Diclofop acid, [2,4-dichlorophenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-541
Diclofop-methyl, [1,4-dioxyphenyl ring-U-14C] CC-621
Diclofop-methyl, [2,4-dichlorophenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-540
Dicofol, [ring-U-14C] CC-314
Difenoconazole, [triazole-U-14C] CC-456
Diflovidazin, [tetrazine-3-14C] CC-581
Diflovidazin, [tetrazine-6-14C] CC-582
Dimethoate, [O-methyl-14C] CC-306
Dimethoate, [carbonyl-14C] CC-336
Dimethomorph, [4-chlorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-610
Dioxathion, [ethyl-1-14C] CC-244
Diquat dibromide monohydrate, [14C] CC-681
Dithianon, [5-14C] CC-735
Diuron, [carbonyl-14C] CC-297
Diuron, [ring-U-14C] CC-325
Endosulfan, [2,3-14C] CC-258
Epoxiconazole, [epoxy-2-14C] CC-487
EPTC, [carbonyl-14C] CC-295
EPTC, [propyl-1-14C] CC-453
Esprocarb, [ring-U-14C] CC-551
Ethephon, [U-14C] CC-316
Ethirimol, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-680
Ethofumesate, [benzene ring-U-14C] CC-613
Etofenprox, [3-phenoxybenzyl-7-14C] CC-496
Etofenprox, [propyl-2-14C]  CC-674
Fenamiphos, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-647
Fenarimol, [carbinol-14C] CC-407
Fenarimol, [4-chlorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-408
Fenobucarb, [ring-U-14C] CC-238
Fenpropidin, [propyl-3-14C] CC-652
Ferbam, [carbamate-14C] CC-467
Florasulam, [2-14C] CC-635
Florasulam, [2',6'-difluorophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-634
Fluazinam, [pyridil-2,6-14C] CC-648
Fluazinam, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-688
Flufenacet, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-556
Fluometuron, [ring-U-14C] CC-719
Flurochloridon, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-615
Fluroxypyr-meptyl, [acetyl-1-14C] CC-645
Flusulfamide, [2’-chloro-4’-nitrophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-378
Flusulfamide, [4-chloro-3-trifluoromethylphenyl ring-U-14C] CC-379
Folpet, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-428
Forchlorfenuron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-380
Forchlorfenuron, [pyridine 2,6-14C] CC-397
Glyphosate, [glycine-2-14C] CC-311
Glyphosate, [P-methylene-14C] CC-293
Hexachlorobenzene, [U-14C] CC-357
Hexazinone, [triazine-6-14C] CC-307
Hexythiazox, [cyclohexyl-U-14C] CC-452
Hexythiazox, [1,3-thiazolidine-14C] CC-691
Hexythiazox, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-729
IM-1-5, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-708
Imazalil, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-702
Imidacloprid, [imidazolidine ring-2-14C] CC-327
Imidacloprid, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-640
Iminoctadine triacetate, [guanidine-14C] CC-404
Iminoctadine triacetate, [octyl-1,8-14C] CC-405
Iodocarb, [butyl-1-14C] CC-643
Iodocarb, [carbamate-14C] CC-489
Iodocarb, [carbamate-14C, butyl-1-14C] CC-734
Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-717
Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium, [triazine-U-14C] CC-716
Iprodione, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-697
Isoproturon, [ring-U-14C] CC-337
Isoxathion, [isoxazole-5-14C] CC-614
Lactofen, [2-nitrophenyl ring-U-14C] CC-395
Lambda-Cyhalothrin, [phenoxy-U-14C] CC-707
Lambda-Cyhalothrin, [cyano-14C] CC-703
Lenacil, [pyrimidine-4,6-14C] CC-381
Lindane, [ring-U-14C] CC-330
Linuron, [carbonyl-14C] CC-296
Linuron, [ring-U-14C] CC-310
Malathion, [succinyl-2,3-14C] CC-246
Mancozeb, [ethylene-1,2-14C] CC-304
Maneb, [ethylene-1,2-14C] CC-276
MCPA, [carboxyl-14C] CC-414
MCPA, [ring-U-14C] CC-382
MCPA-2-ethylhexyl ester, [ring-U-14C] CC-724
Mecoprop, [ring-U-14C] CC-401
Mefenacet, [aniline ring-U-14C] CC-383
Mesosulfuron-methyl, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-728
Mesotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-2-14C] CC-638
Mesotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-1(3)-14C] CC-675
Mesotrione, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-700
rac-Metalaxyl acid, [ring-U-14C] CC-534
Metalaxyl, [ring-U-14C] CC-400
Metalaxyl-M, [ring-U-14C] CC-672
rac-Metamifop, [2-fluor-phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-545
rac-Metamifop, [6-chloro-2-benzoxazolyl benzene ring-U-14C] CC-546
Metamitron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-409
Metazachlor, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-571
Metconazole, [1,2,4-triazole-U-14C] CC-721
Methabenzthiazuron, [benzene ring-U-14C] CC-466
Methamidophos, [S-methyl-14C] CC-254
Metholachlor, [ring-U-14C] CC-726
Metholachlor ESA, [ring-U-14C] CC-622
Methomyl, [carbonyl-14C] CC-287
Methoprene, [5-14C] CC-420
Metribuzin, [ring-6-14C] CC-320
Metsulfuron-methyl,[triazinyl-2-14C] CC-360
Monocrotophos, [O-methyl-14C] CC-250
MSMA, [14C] CC-271
rac-Napropamide, [1-naphthyloxy-1-14C] CC-685
Nicosulfuron, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-692
Oxamyl, [carbamoyl-14C] CC-331
Oxasulfuron, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-650
Oxasulfuron, [pyrimidine-2-14C] CC-651
Paraoxon, [ethyl-1-14C , ring-U-14C] CC-385
Parathion, [ring-U-14C] CC-247
Parathion, [ethyl-1-14C, ring-U-14C] CC-396
Parathion-methyl, [ring-U-14C] CC-353
Pentachlorophenol, [U-14C] CC-274
Permethrin, [phenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-386
Phenmedipham, [3-methyl-phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-620
Phenthoate, [ring-U-14C] CC-576
Phosmet, [phthalimide-1,3-14C] CC-730
Pirimiphos-methyl, [pyrimidinyl-2-14C] CC-248
Pyrimethanil, [pyrimidinyl-2-14C] CC-689
Prochloraz, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-269
Prochloraz zinc complex, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-639
Propanil, [ring-U-14C] CC-575
Propiconazole, [dioxolane-4-14C] CC-323
Propiconazole, [benzene-U-14C] CC-268
Propiconazole, [triazol ring-U-14C] CC-387
Propisochlor, [2-chloroacetyl 1-14C] CC-417
Propisochlor, [ring-U-14C] CC-416
Propyzamide, [carboxyl-14C] CC-486
Prosulfocarb, [ring-U-14C] CC-356
Prosulfocarb sulfoxide, [ring-U-14C] CC-443
Prothioconazole, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-709
Prothioconazole-desthio, [1,2,4-triazole-U-14C] CC-711
Pyributicarb, [pyridyl-2,6-14C] CC-362
Pyributicarb, [phenyl-U-14C] CC-363
Pyridaphenthion, [pyridazinyl-4,5-14C] CC-389
Quinmerac, [benzene ring-U-14C] CC-655
SDDC, [carbamate-14C] CC-442
SDEDC, [carbamate-14C] CC-536
Simazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-249
Sulcotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-2-14C] CC-557
Sulcotrione, [1,3-cyclohexanedione-1(3)-14C] CC-623
Tau-fluvalinate, [phenoxy ring-U-14C] CC-649
Tebuconazole, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-390
Tebuconazole, [triazole ring-U-14C] CC-459
Tebuthiuron, [ring-5-14C] CC-272
Tefluthrin, [benzyl-7-14C] CC-713
Terbufos, [O-ethyl-1-14C] CC-321
Terbuthylazine, [ring-U-14C] CC-437
Terbutryn, [ring-U-14C] CC-448
Tetradifon, [4-chlorophenyl-U-14C] CC-661
Thiophanate-methyl, [ring-U-14C] CC-572
Thiram, [carbamate-14C] CC-441
Tri-allate, [allyl-1-14C] CC-364
Tribenuron-methyl, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-484
Tribenuron-methyl, [triazine ring-U-14C] CC-485
Vinclozolin, [phenyl ring-U-14C] CC-394
Zineb, [ethylene-1,2-14C] CC-277
Ziram, [carbamate-14C] CC-324
Ziram, [methyl-14C] CC-352


Our company has been engaged in preparing isotope labelled agrochemicals (pesticides) and other compounds for over thirty years.

This list comprises the most frequently sold 14C-labelled pesticides. These compounds are the most widely used representatives of the various classes in this field but obviously, inquiries for other pesticides are also welcome.

There are several common names of these compounds, which vary depending on the country where they are applied. We use the common names given by the British Standard Institution.

Molar activities are usually set to the customer’s request and often reach 1.85 GBq/mM (50 mCi/ mM). Being these chemicals sensitive they are synthesized as custom preparation products; consequently each offer is individually submitted taking the quantity, requested molar activity, date of delivery, etc. into account.

Isotope labelled pesticides are delivered in dry ice or at natural temperature depending on the sensitivity of the labelled compound, but recommended to be stored at – 20 °C or below; the cooler the better.

There are three groups of the listed pesticides:

1st group: we have the compound of required purity in stock;
2nd group: we have the material in stock but it has to be purified;
3rd group: we have no material in stock so it has to be synthesized again.

Depending upon the availability and our manufacturing capacity the minimum quantity to be sold and the date of delivery change from time to time. For your preliminary information:

1st group: delivery within 1 – 2 week;
2nd group: delivery within 2 – 3 weeks;
3rd group: delivery within 4 – 10 weeks, minimum quantity is 37 MBq.

As the current situation is changing continuously information about the required material (i.e. which group it belongs to) will be given upon inquiry.

Custom synthesis

We are ready to undertake synthesis of other compounds not listed in our catalogues. We are prepared to give quotation following your request. When inquiring please indicate the following required specifications, too:

  • correct chemical or common name of the compounds (in case of more complicated molecules together with the formula);
  • labelling isotope and position of labelling;
  • required molar or specific activity;
  • required activity;
  • required form (net material or a solution – in the latter case the requested solvent and radiochemical concentration; requested packsize);
  • whether you are able to supply synthesis route and/or protocols, references of technical literature, raw material or standard (final product and/or intermediates) analytical method (in general HPLC). All information provided by the cusotmers are handled as confidental. NDA is concluded upon customer’s request. Providing these results in significant reduce in price.

As a result of many years practice in this field experts of the Institute are at your disposal in answering technical questions (Synthesis Business) and issuing quotations (Commercial Department).

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