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Multibone Information for Patients


… to make life painless

MULTIBONE – Injections for the Palliative (Pain-Relieving) Radionuclide Therapy of Painful Bone Metastases

90Y-MULTIBONE and 153Sm-MULTIBONE injections have been developed for relieving or eliminating the pain pain that occurs as a result of your disease.

These radiopharmaceuticals are bound to those points in your skeletal system where hydroxyapatite forming is significantly increased as a consequence of the bone metastases causing pain development. The beta-particles emitted from the 90Y or from the 153Sm radionuclides transfer their energy energy to the pathological tissues, thereby reducing or completely eliminating the sensation of pain.

Why Has MULTIBONE Been Recommended for the Treatment of Your Disease?

The main reason for MULTIBONE recommendation is that these radionuclide therapeutic products may cause fewer adverse reactions than many of other analgesics effecting the central nervous system. Even if adverse events do occur, they will be transient only.

How Does MULTIBONE Effect ?

MULTIBONE is administered to you as a single intravenous injection, that is the whole treatment. At the time of administration no effect whatsoever should be expected. During the subsequent 2–3 days some patients may experience a temporary increase in pain intensity; however, in most cases this is an indication of the subsequent good efficacy of treatment. After about one week (and in the following period) the intensity of the pain will significantly decrease or it ceases completely. This favourable condition is expected to last for 3–4 months or possibly even longer.

What Adverse Events Should Be Expected during MULTIBONE Treatment?

You need not expect any perceptible side effect. However, your blood count may temporarily become less favourable but your doctor can easily control this by appropriate tests (blood sampling).

Consult any of your doctors immediately if any unexpected symptoms occur.

What Should You Do with Your Previous Medicines?

You can continue taking your usual analgesics and other medicines.

If your pain markedly decreases or ceases, you can even stop taking your analgesics.

How Does MULTIBONE Affect Your Usual Activities?

You may be tempted to forget about your illness, since your symptoms may even disappear completely. Still, be sure to take additional care of yourself. You can drive a car or operate hazardous machinery, but do not carry matters to extremes. Going for short walks or taking your dog for a restful walk are recommended, but for example avoid riding on a bicycle. Take extreme care to avoid situations that may lead to falling or getting injured.

What Precautions Do You Have to Observe?

90Y-MULTIBONE or 153Sm-MULTIBONE binds to pathological structures within the body. Unbound excess will be excreted in the urine, 98% of it within 6–10 hours after administration. Therefore, for some hours after administration of the injection be sure to flush your urine 2 or 3 times with plenty of water and wash your hand thoroughly. Take care to avoid dripping your urine outside the toilet bowl. If your underwear has become soiled, change it, and wash the soiled underwear separately from other garments, using plenty of water.

What Should You Do if Pain Recurs?

Visit your doctor. After checking your blood count, the treatment may be repeated (as earliest) 2–3 months after the previous effective treatment.

Other Information

MULTIBONE injection may only be administered in a radioisotope laboratory by a physician possessing licence in nuclear medicine (radioisotope techniques).

Ask your doctor for detailed information before the treatment. Do not hesitate to tell your doctor any problems and ask him/her any questions you may have. Your doctor will give you the necessary information in written form as well.

This is followed by signing the informed consent form. By doing so you give your consent to the performance of the therapy.

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Multibone Information for Doctors

Multibone (EDTMP) SmPC (Sm-153 labelling)

Multibone (EDTMP) SmPC (Y-90 labelling)

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