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Containers for Transportation of Radioactive Material

The Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures packages qualified for transportation of radioactive materials. They are “A” type packages according to the relevant specifications. The group of products consists of four members, and we undertake the designing and manufacturing of non-series packages, too.

HK Marked Group of Products

Sign Activity of the
Transportable Material (Co-60)
Inner Size of the
Storage Unit
Weight of Package
HK-5 5 O50 x 50 70/145/215
HK-10 10 O50 x 150 230/140/370
HK-40 40 O50 x 150 420/140/560
HK-400 400 O80 x 150 640/135/775

Each item of the products has a 200-litre steel barrel external cover. There are energy absorbing drums and hoops made of steel plate inside the barrel, these defend the inner storage container against dynamic hits. The barrel and the energy absorbing parts are fixed by four threaded rods between the two metal frames, the package can be lifted by the upper frame.

The inner storage container is welded plate construction made of acid-resistant steel plate, the radiation protection is provided by lead. The containers have two versions. The material can be loaded in both types from above, but with one type the material can be dropped at the bottom of the container.

Product Catalogue in PDF-format

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