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Gamma Irradiator

Gamma irradiators based on Co-60 radiation sources in the range of 185 TBq (5 kCi) up to 74 PBq (2 MCi) are qualified for sterilizing medical products, packing materials, tissue/organ transplants, food, herbs, spices and other materials.

These irradiators may be industrial, pilot or laboratory facilities depending on the customer’s needs. It was through the design, production and installation of automatic, PC-controlled equipment in several countries that IZOTOP gained and established its reputation. Thanks to the module system design and production, the installation of an irradiation plant can be completed rapidly and on-site.

  • - Multipurpose pilot scale irradiators
  • - Multipurpose food irradiators
  • - Multipurpose tote-box irradiators for radiation sterilization or food irradiation
  • - Small volume pool shielded irradiators
  • - “Medicell” laboratory type irradiators for tissue and bone treatment
  • - Multi-energy gamma irradiators for SSDL laboratories
  • - Portable Secondary Standard Gamma Calibration equipment

Downloadable Animation

Downloadable one-minute animation about the process of irradiation inside a gamma irradiator facility. [Movie size: 14.8 MB] See screenshots from the movie below.

Containers Entering the Irradiation Facility

Inside the Labyrinth

In the Irradiation Chamber; Containers Leaving the Irradiator

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