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MINIRAY SM 2000X Dosimeter for Radiation Protection

The Miniray SM 2000 X is a dose rate measuring instrument for radiation protection purposes. Principally it is suitable for measuring gamma and roentgen radiations.

The detector applied in the dosimeter is a Geiger-Mueller counting tube supplied with thin glass window allowing sensing of beta radiation as well.

The suitable measuring range is adjusted automatically.

The Miniray SM 2000 X dosimeter is a typical pocket instrument needing only the continuous pushing of the attendance button which makes the operation of the instrument easy.

The LCD display of three and a half digit provides good reading and allows displaying the automatic measuring range by modifying place of the decimal point.

Application Fields:

  • Industrial and research laboratories, educational institutions, civil and police organizations, fire brigades dealing with radioactive materials
  • Industrial radiation measurements by plant and factor radiation protection supervisors
  • Radiation protection measurements in medical Roentgen and isotope laboratories
  • Background measurements made by individuals

Miniray Dosimeter – Technical Data

Miniray Dosimeter – Operation Manual

Principal Concepts of Radioactivity

Technical Data and Operation Manual (downloadable pdf-file)

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